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Loyalty Points


What are Loyalty Points?

When you shop with us you will earn points on all your purchases over £10.00. These Loyalty points can then be used on your future purchases.

How can I earn Loyalty Points?

For every full £10.00 you spend you earn 50 points and there are always lots of promotions to help you accumulate even more. Loyalty points are not given on postage charges.

How much are they worth?

50 Loyalty Points has a monetary value of 50p, so for every full £10.00 you spend on the website this gives you another 50p to spend in the future. Spend £10.00 and you will get 50 points, spend £20.00 and you will get 100 points and so on.

How do I use my Loyalty Points?

Shop online as normal and at the checkout simply select “Pay with Loyalty Points” and select the number of Loyalty Points you would like to use up.

How do I check my Loyalty Points?

You can do this when you are logged on. On the website just check the Loyalty Points box. It will show you the number of Loyalty Points you have earned so far and how much they are worth for you to spend.

What do I have to do to be part of this Loyalty scheme?

Simple! You automatically start to earn points when you resister to shop with us and spend a full £10.00

Is there a “Use By” Date on my Loyalty Points?

No, you can let your Loyalty Points accumulate then spend them all at once at a time suitable to you.

Terms and Conditions

  • Points are only given on the value of goods, not on postage and packaging charges.
  • If you delete your account, you will lose your Loyalty Points, and they will be irretrievable.
  • Bubblelush reserve the right to stop issuing Loyalty Points at any time, but any earned Loyalty Points will remain on your account.
  • Bubblelush reserves the right to deduct any points which are incorrectly allocated to your account.